Affordable home furniture that grows with your child

Affordable home furniture that grows with your child

It is estimated that the cost to raise a child from birth to high school graduation is over $270,000. In light of such a frightening figure, cutting corners and costs where possible can make a huge difference in the long run. One of the ways you can make your dollars stretch a bit further is to get durable and multifunctional children’s furniture that prevents future furniture and décor purchases.

Here are a few ideas to help you spend less on furniture and more on providing experiences for your child. 

Skip to a twin

If you already have a crib and your child can climb out of it with ease, it is time to move them into a bed. Some cribs convert to a toddler bed to put off the purchase of another bed until they are ready for a twin, but in most cases that really isn’t necessary. Get a kids-size twin and mattress that sit lower to the floor, and let them use that bed until they are ready for a full (around early teens).

Get a dresser instead of a designated changing table

When you first furnish your nursery, choose a lower dresser on which you can attach a changing station. There are many options for portable charging stations, and they are often used for adapting other furniture in this same way. By getting an actual dresser you’ll be able to store your child’s clothes when the changing table is no longer needed, and it is one less piece of furniture you have to buy later. If you get a quality dresser, it might even last until they leave home.


When you are choosing bedroom furniture for your child’s room, keep in mind that you are designing a room that will last them as long as possible with as few adjustments per year as possible to keep your overall costs down. At the same time, there are some bedroom pieces that you shouldn’t pass on to trim the budget. 

Nightstands are one of those things. Your child should have at least one nightstand next to their bed, even when they are still in the crib. The nightstand will come in handy while you are tending the baby in its infancy, and it can be used for a bedtime lamp, a storybook, and a glass of water as they move into a bed.

Accent chair with a side table or accent cabinet

Setting up an activity corner that grows with your child is also easy using some affordable home furniture. An accent chair combined with a side table or accent cabinet can act as a surface for coloring, reading, arts and crafts, primping, and even study.

Another option is to look for a café style table and chairs. These small dining sets are designed for use in small studio apartments, but they are of sufficient size to act as a coloring or crafts table. Make sure you get weighted legs for the chairs so that they can’t be easily toppled.