Best Outdoor Adventures in Mid-Western Canada

Best Outdoor Adventures in Mid-Western Canada

Canada is a vast country that feels like it shifts from mile to mile.  If you’ve never been to Mid-Western Canada, there’s no comparing it to the far east or west!  Although the winters can stretch on forever here, there are tons to do that will keep you excited.

These are the best outdoor adventures you can find in midwestern Canada year-round!  

Ski Real Olympic Trails

Do you want to ski where the greats have?  Canada has held three different Olympic games over the years, from the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver: so there are many chances to go and enjoy the incredible slopes and experiences that were available for these games.

In Calgary, you can enjoy long-distance skiing or drive out to Banff, where slope-based skiing was held!  This is an incredible chance to get to feel history first-hand and see what these great athletes were able to do.

Enjoy the Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is a yearly event that pulls millions of people into the city every year.  Although this is a crowded time to look for Calgary homes for sale, it’s an awesome time to have fun indoors and outdoors! 

From live concerts to bull riding competitions, you’ll lose count of all of the fun you have here while also getting to eat some of the best fair food in the country! 

Allow Jasper to Win Your Heart

Although Banff may be the slopes that win everyone’s attention since it’s the oldest national park in the country: traveling to Jasper will win your heart.  This gorgeous smaller national park feels like a step into a paradise that can’t be competed with.  From the endless incredible mountain views to the beautiful scenery and glaciers, you can enjoy getting as close to nature as physically possible.

The town inside Jasper is small and cozy, and you’ll meet plenty of new people who would love to go hiking and sightseeing with you! So don’t be shy when you visit!

Drive the Icefields Parkway

If you’re traveling from Jasper to Banff or the other way around, take a drive through the Icefields Parkway.  This endless stretch of land is breathtaking and feels like you’ve vanished into another part of the world. 

From rocks jutting out of the ground to interesting wildlife and fun sights to stop and see, you’ll want to spend days exploring everything along this area.

Go Dog Sledding in Canmore

Dog sledding is gaining popularity again since people like to see the possible connection between dogs and their owners.  If you want to try the sport, there are plenty of opportunities in Canmore to allow you to drive your team of dogs for the day or get to ride along with a professional!  Although this isn’t for everyone, it’s an awesome and entertaining way to get to know the area and see what views are there for you.

Although it’s not as famous as either coast, Canada’s midwest is somewhere everyone should visit!