Booking Directly Through a Bay Area Business Travel Association

Booking Directly Through a Bay Area Business Travel Association

The Bay Area Business Travel Association is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to providing information and resources to the traveling business community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Membership is open to all businesses and is open to all companies that want to participate in various workshops, seminars, and educational events. The Association offers five professional membership levels: Executive, General, Traveler, Business Coach, and Service Provider. All levels require members to meet a minimum of five hours of training each year. The goal of the Association is to create an environment of support, knowledge sharing, and innovative communication within the business community in the Bay Area.

The mission of the Bay Area business travel association is to promote professionalism and international exchange through the development of international hospitality practices at member hotels, restaurants, and other local accommodation establishments. The conferences and workshops of the Bay Area Business Travel Association are designed to foster information sharing among business travelers, as well as among members. BABTA offers opportunities for local hotel/restaurant owners and operators to share perspectives on relevant industry topics. The goal is to provide participants with the latest available information on world hotels and related amenities, as well as to provide general industry tips and information on running a profitable hotel or restaurant business.

Travel is the best way to enhance your business performance and build connections with like-minded people. International business travel is rapidly gaining popularity as companies explore ways to become more globally mobile. Businesses need to be proactive in their planning and activities to ensure they are prepared for the present and future demands of the business travel market. Many large corporations have found that hiring a private jet is a practical way to expand their reach and attract new clients and executives. A variety of San Francisco – based business travel professionals can help you plan and execute a business trip that is productive, enjoyable, and leaves you with a lasting memory of a great vacation.

The travel and hospitality industry encompasses a wide range of specialties and services. San Francisco offers an extensive range of fine hotels, restaurants, spas, recreational centers, and other leisurely pursuits. Visit an upscale salon or treat with a round of golf on a well-appointed course. Relax by the poolside at a popular hotel. Or find a quiet location for a romantic evening with your spouse. Your options are only limited by your imagination.

Travelers in the travel industry are value-efficient, cost-effective, customer service, and convenient. Rates and amenities vary from hotel to hotel but all provide exceptional service and amenities. The San Francisco area has many well-established hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts that offer a range of fine accommodations. Bay Area lodgings offer a range of attractive and functional amenities to meet the needs of a wide range of visitors.

Hotels in the San Francisco area to provide exceptional business facilities and meeting space. Many offer state-of-the-art conference and convention centers and other meeting facilities. Some hotels boast meeting rooms that feature plush comfortable seating and allow you to easily organize your staff to meet and conduct meetings. Business teleconferences can be held in the conference rooms. Many offer meeting and seminar room amenities that include televisions, computers, printers, VCR/DVD players, headphones, overhead projectors, and more. You can conduct office meetings, product launches, training courses, seminars, or product demonstrations in hotel conference rooms.

If you are looking for business hotels in the San Francisco area, contact the Bay Area Hotel and Casino, Hotel Solamar, Holiday Inn Express, and the Howard Johnson Hotel. These fine lodging establishments provide a variety of attractive business facilities and services. You can choose from one of their well-appointed full-service hotels or arrange for a private room. All provide outstanding customer service and welcome opportunities.

When it comes to travel, many people look forward to having an enjoyable travel experience. They want to have a safe and pleasant trip, and arrangements for such travel can be made to suit the traveling group. It is important for groups to understand the importance of sound travel and hotel accommodations. Traveling can be an extremely enjoyable and exciting event if arrangements are properly made. Whether traveling with the family, business colleagues, or traveling as part of a large traveling group, everyone will appreciate excellent hotel accommodations, transportation, dining, and recreation choices. For many, a wonderful travel experience begins with the first step of planning ahead and securing their traveling plans.