Don’t Compromise on These 3 Factors When Shopping for Custom Vinyl Stickers.

Don’t Compromise on These 3 Factors When Shopping for Custom Vinyl Stickers.

Custom stickers are essential marketing tools for small businesses. Small business owners with reduced marketing budgets can easily custom-print eye-catching design elements on these stickers for very low costs. Plus, high-quality vinyl stickers are reusable and extremely durable. That’s why they’re vital, cost-effective marketing tools for small businesses.

However, your company’s stickers and decals need to be of a certain quality to be deemed appealing by target audiences. Although custom stickers are small and easy to manufacture, brands shouldn’t compromise on quality and waste their marketing budgets. Here are three vital factors many brands unwisely compromise on when buying custom stickers –

1. Not Buying Stickers Made of Premium-Grade Vinyl

Currently, there are plenty of material options for people shopping for custom stickers. Paper, BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene), and other plastic-based sticker materials are quite popular. But, these stickers don’t necessarily guarantee durability or longevity.

  • Paper Stickers: Paper stickers are prone to fading. When applied to cars, paper stickers also experience oil damage, heat damage, and abrasions from external pollutants.
  • BOPP: BOPP is durable, but it can’t endure years of wear and tear like vinyl. That’s why BOPP stickers are cheaper than vinyl. Cheap BOPP stickers are good as giveaway items. But, if you plan to use your custom stickers in marketing campaigns, always opt for vinyl.

Here are a few reasons why sticker shoppers should specifically opt for vinyl –

  • Flexibility: Vinyl is stretchable. Its flexibility makes stickers applicable on various surfaces – flat, curved, metal, plastic, wood, etc.
  • Smooth: Vinyl feels smooth to touch. Rubbing your fingers across well-designed vinyl posters or stickers is very fun!
  • Removable: Vinyl posters and stickers come with both strong and semi-strong adhesives. Either way, the sticker application process is very easy. Using stickers with semi-strong adhesives won’t leave behind ugly adhesive residues on the surfaces. Reuse them on different surfaces multiple times across several years.
  • Waterproof: Unlike most sticker materials, vinyl is waterproof. Its outdoor durability is perfect in all weather conditions.
  • UV-Resistant: The one disadvantage of using stickers as outdoor marketing materials is the risk of sunlight damage. With durable vinyl, UV rays won’t pose any threats to your stickers. The design elements on vinyl posters and stickers remain bright and shiny for long periods. Even after years of direct sunlight exposure, this versatile and popular material will retain its quality.

2. Not Buying Different Types of Stickers

Vinyl posters and stickers come in different forms. Some examples include –

  • Removable: Waterproof and bubble-free stickers that you can reuse multiple times.
  • Glossy Permanent Vinyl: Use these permanent stickers as safety labels, direction signs inside offices, etc.
  • Matte Vinyl: Ideal for stickers that need to contain unique information (e.g., offer expiry dates, business contact details, etc.)
  • Holographic Vinyl: Create standout stickers and apply them on car bumpers, company items, etc. Holographic stickers look great on all surfaces, even in dimly lit environments.

Buy different types of stickers. Build a diverse custom sticker collection for your brand.

3. Costs of Stickers

Lastly, never compromise on the costs of your vinyl posters or stickers. Currently, over 33% of small business owners don’t have sufficient cash to promote their brands. Find sticker sellers who offer durable, weather-resistant stickers made of vinyl. Plan on buying stickers that you’ll use for several years!