How Can Physiotherapy Help You in Breast Cancer Recovery?

How Can Physiotherapy Help You in Breast Cancer Recovery?

Cancer is a cruel disease that renders those who suffer from it hopeless and sometimes frustrated, especially when it keeps taking and taking. Moreover, the side effects of most cancer treatment methods have severe side effects that may leave a patient sad and unable to enjoy even though the medication is working.

A physiotherapy expert can hold your hand when you are recovering from breast cancer and ensure that you remain hopeful and strong.

Read on to find out why doctors recommend physiotherapy for their cancer patients and how it can help you in your time of despair. So how does physiotherapy help in your breast cancer recovery journey?

1. Lymphedema

Lymphedema is characterized by abnormal swelling due to the accumulation of lumps. This may cause the patient to feel pain and uncomfortable and restricted range of motion. Seeing an expert in physiotherapy helps as they are well trained to manage lymphedema. The physiotherapy can use various methods such as manual lymphatic drainage, exercises, and skincare.

2. Manage Scar Tightness

You may get scar tissue due to radiation exposure, and the excess tissues lead to tissue tightness. Physical scar management techniques will reduce the scar tissues, and thus the tissue tightness will not bother you anymore. Do not hesitate to schedule physiotherapy in Singapore if you are experiencing scar tightness due to cancer treatment.

3. Reduce Fatigue

Most cancer treatments drain your energy, and thus you are in constant fatigue. Physiotherapy treatment methods such as getting a sports massage in Singapore will help you relax and sleep better. So when you wake up, you will feel strong and energetic.

Additionally, lack of sleep causes back pain in Singapore, thus worsening your condition. So if you notice that a treatment method is only making your condition worse, do not hesitate to share this information with your physiotherapist.

4. Relieve Headaches

Whether you go through chemotherapy, immunotherapy or hormonal therapy you will most likely experience severe headaches. Although not all headaches are avoidable, a physiotherapist will help you manage your headache and thus reduce your misery. Techniques such as manual therapy, yoga, and stress management are proven to reduce the severity of a headache.

5. Reduce Numbness or Tingling of the Arm

If you notice tingling or numbness of the arms when you are undergoing cancer treatment, there is hope for you. A physiotherapy expert can assess what is causing the tingling or numbness and recommend the best treatment method for you.

6. Soothe Weak And Painful Shoulders

Apart from reducing shoulder range of motion, cancer treatments can also cause you to feel pain and weakness in your shoulders. Post cancer treatment physiotherapy not only helps reduce pain but also improves your shoulder range of motion.


Don’t let cancer treatment dampen your spirit and render you helpless. Instead, ensure that you get assistance from a physiotherapist on how to manage the side effects of cancer treatment. It takes time, but you will surely see the results as long as you keep up your hope and listen and follow the physiotherapists’ advice.

Remember that everyone must play their part to succeed, so ensure that you do your part and communicate with the therapist on your progress.