How To Order A Custom Flag And What To Keep In Mind While Doing So?

How To Order A Custom Flag And What To Keep In Mind While Doing So?

Advertisers still prefer to use custom flags as a marketing tool. They enjoy many advantages as a traditional form of promotion. They are versatile, and you can use them for many purposes. Cost-effective, durable, portable, easy to carry, customizable – these are some of the qualities for which they are a preferred choice of promoting a brand. When these custom flags are strategically made and placed, they can drive considerable traffic to your shop. You have to select a design that’s sure to draw the attention of the bystanders. And also, choosing the right spot for placing them plays a vital role in the advertising process. For new entrepreneurs, who are planning to promote their business, must take the help of the custom flags to advertise their services or products. They must consider using them as one of the marketing tools along with the others to gain visibility more easily.

How to order custom flags?

But often, people find it confusing to place an order for the flags. With modern printing technology at work, you can get any flag customized as per your requirement. First, you need to find out a reputed printing company that specializes in making advertising flags if you want to print custom flags for your company. All you need to do is visit their website and upload the design you want to print on the custom flag. Many companies also provide help from professional designers if you are doubtful about the artwork. You only need to tell them your requirements, and they will try to adhere to them to make it for you. These printing companies possess set templates as well, and if you find them good enough, you can choose from them too. Next, you need to select the material, the number of items you need, accessories (if needed), and then click the ‘Order Now’ button. Either you pick the flags up at their business or get them delivered at your footstep on the expected delivery day.

Things to consider while ordering custom flags

To get the best custom flag printed (in terms of price and design), you have to keep in mind certain things. They are as follows –

Size: Depending on the purpose, choose the size of the flags. If you intend to use them for promotion in an event, you can opt for a flag that would fit in with the expanse of the space. Don’t select too small a size or a very big one that would seem out of place.

Quality: Distinct factors will help you to determine the quality of the flag –

  • whether you are planning to hang them inside or outside
  • whether you intend to use it for a longer or shorter period
  • whether you are going to reuse them or not.

Color:  The number of colors you are thinking of using to print your flags will decide their cost. If you are using more than three colors and you want to make quite a few custom flags, then go for screen printing options. Digital printing in such cases becomes costly.

Material: Vinyl is usually used to make good quality flags. You can opt for cheaper polyester if you are going to hang them for only a shorter period.


So, it’s quite easy to order a custom flag. Only you have to be careful about definite factors while placing the order.