Noteworthy Landmarks and Sites of Memphis

Noteworthy Landmarks and Sites of Memphis

Memphis is an incredible city in Tennessee that’s sadly overshadowed by Nashville far too often.  Not only is this city the home of blues and rock ‘n’ roll, but it’s also home to some of the best food and art you’ll ever see.

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Elvis Presley gained world fame for his voice, his looks, and how he could dance: and when he was done stunning the world, he called Memphis his home.  Graceland, the property that he owned, has become a pilgrimage to his fans.

With everything from a museum to a gift shop, you can walk the same paths he did and think about the man that sang so many hit songs. In addition, some of his original vehicles, clothing, and iconography are here: it’s the ultimate playground for any Elvis fan.

Sun Studio

The natural next stop after Graceland is Sun Studio!  This recording studio has captured the voices of stars like Elvis, Roy Orbison, and even Johnny Cash.

A free shuttle will bring you in from Graceland and offer the chance to see where the hit songs were recorded. In addition, this studio has 45-minute tours every hour that include admission, a pro tour guide, free parking, and a discount in the souvenir shop.

National Civil Rights Museum

To help the nation heal, the National Civil Rights Museum was built in the hotel where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot in 1968.  This building traces the history of civil rights movements in the US, showing how much we’ve grown and how much is left to do.

The balcony where King was killed is marked with a white wreath to help commemorate him.  The main goal of this museum is to bring a focus to what needs to be done for equality in this country and how hard people have fought to get us where we are today. 

Memphis Zoo

Are you traveling with your kids to look at Memphis houses for sale?  If so, stop in at the Memphis Zoo!  This fun zoo is home to five hundred different species of animals, numbering 3,500 different creatures!

You can be wowed by polar bears, see fantastic elephants, and your kids can even stop and pet some animals at the nearby petting zoo.  Every inch of this zoo works to help inform on conservation and our need to work together to help save endangered species.  

Stax Museum of American Soul

Soul music hits differently than any other.  The Stax Museum goes through the history of soul music, explains how it’s influenced different genres, and discusses how it’s still around in the music we hear today.

You can learn about late and great musicians, hear music that was never properly released, and enjoy feeling closer to the history of the area and the other music we get to listen to every day.

Memphis has played a huge part in creating the American identity; when you visit, make sure to stop in at these locations to see how!