Reasons to Send Your Child to the Kids First Academy

Reasons to Send Your Child to the Kids First Academy

The Children’s First Academy was started as a boarding school for very young children in 1969. The academy was created by Dr. Arthur Blank, who believed that children were the most neglected element of society and that the best way to care for them was through an educational institution. The academy offers a very nurturing environment, allowing parents to have complete control over their child’s education. Dr. Blank made the academy open to all children from birth to the twelfth grade. Although the academy claims to accept all children, they do tend to lean towards a more secular educational program.

The student/teacher: Arthur Blank was an English major at Yale University when he decided to start a daycare center for very young kids. The school is located in New York City and is known for its successful graduates. Students at the kids first academy is 7:1 and the college’s spiritual background is Christian. Students First Academy also serves 34 kids in prekindergarten – 12th grade. This is also an excellent program for families on a limited budget because there is no need to pay for child care in a school that accepts the entire age range.

In the admissions process, the prospective student will undergo a rigorous three-step screening process which includes an interview, writing test, and a driving evaluation. The applicant will also be required to write a personal statement, as well as a state test, and take a driver’s education class. Once accepted into the program, the applicant will attend an orientation that will include both classroom instruction and hands-on instruction in the fitness facility and other activities. After orientation, each student will then attend an in-home meeting where they will discuss their progress and hear updates on their chosen career path.

The facilities also conduct a periodic inspection, during which a licensed childcare provider will review the facilities and check on the standards of the program. At the end of the inspection, the inspector will give a report on the facilities and any areas that require improvement. At this point, the facility is deemed satisfactory and it is time for the application to be submitted for fully compliant non-compliance status. There are a few things that parents can do to ensure that their kids will be in a safe and effective daycare.

The first thing that parents can do is inspect the daycare during their inspection. Parents should check on the procedures and daycare staff to make sure that they are qualified to provide assistance to kids with special needs. Parents should also observe the procedures in use to ensure that the daycare adheres to the regulations set forth by the Commission on Childhood Development. This would be especially important during the summer months when many children are out of school. For instance, the facility may not have a physical education curriculum in place.

When you visit the kids first academy, you should take along a parent or caretaker who can act as an escort during the visit. The kids may appear timid but they are not there alone. They will meet and greet the instructors, have some fun activities and then graduate from the daycare. Parents should ask if there is a list of activities that the kids will be doing, whether the facility provides books or supplies for the kids to use, and whether the kids will be encouraged to share their activities with other kids during the day. At the end of the day, you would like to be assured that your child gets the best possible care and that the facility is being run in an orderly manner.

When you visit the kids first academy, make sure that you meet the daycare staff before the signing of the contract. This is important because the daycare staff will be able to tell you about the curriculum, costs and other details of the program. If the program is new, the daycare may not have met the standards required by the Commission on Childhood Development. You may want to check with this organization before sending your child to the facility. If the kids are from another part of the country, it will be important to find out whether the daycare has a license. Licensing of daycare is required in each state, so make sure you find out if the daycare you are sending your child to has a license.

Sending your child to kids first academy is a great idea. Your child will get the exposure to academics, physical education and socialization that he or she would otherwise not have. Make sure you check out the facilities thoroughly before sending your child. Daycares should be properly inspected and licensed before allowing them to operate. By asking a few questions and checking out the daycare before signing the contract, you can make the best decision for your child.