Tips and Tricks for Adult ADHD Conference Attendees

Tips and Tricks for Adult ADHD Conference Attendees

I would like to share my impressions of conferences! I am a huge fan of conferences and am looking forward to the opportunity to travel around the country to spend some time with fellow ADHD entrepreneurs and coaches to enhance awareness of ADHD issues, and then finally, meet my clients who live long distances in person. It’s akin to the festive season in the 19th century in London in which the city’s most influential socialites and the elite gather in the city to attend debutante balls, extravagant dinners, and extravagant galas. It can be thrilling as well as exhausting.

My next conference is the Sixth Annual International ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) in Atlanta, Georgia. Then, I’m off on a trip to Orlando, Florida for Suzanne Evans’s four-day celebration “Be the Change Event”. For both events I’ll be giving talks on various subjects, exhibiting at a booth, and trying to meet as many wonderful people as possible.

While I enjoy conferences but they can be very difficult for ADHD people (and especially for people who do not struggle with concentration, planning, or organizing). Over time I’ve been a frequent participant of these events and have come up with strategies to combat ADHD symptoms to help me am able to get the most value from the events I attend. Here are some helpful tips and tricks I’d like to provide to you:

  1. Do your homework. 

A lot of conferences publish their speaker schedule on the internet or give some suggestions about how to travel as well as from an airport. Conducting some research prior to your arrival will make you more organized as well as less likely to overlook important details such as the time you will be speaking, or if food is included.

  1. Make reservations for your hotel

when you are aware you’ll be attending so that you can reserve your hotel room in which the conference will be held. There is no better time to book your hotel room “conference rate” hotel rooms are filled quickly. It will save you time and money because you won’t need to go between rooms (or be distracted by the view and forget your talk time) You will also be able to go back to your room for a rest in the break-in between sessions. A time of quiet to recharge can go a long way to help you get through ADHD.

  1. Take a highlighter along with a small notebook. 

Once you have received the calendar of events, make note of the sessions you’d like to take part in so that you can plan your schedule and easily be reminded. Notebooks are your ADHD mental cheatsheet’. When you meet someone with whom you’d like to get to know at the end of the conference, note down your notes within your diary. You can also keep track of bits of inspiration or knowledge you gain. These are both ways to counter the overwhelming information and confusion that can be found at conferences.

  1. Put on comfortable footwear.

Whatever your job during the conference, you’ll be more on your feet than you imagine. It’s difficult to be happy and your most pleasant self when your feet hurt.

  1. Wear layers.

 The temperature of the room during a conference fluctuates dramatically.

  1. Have a reliable companion.

 If you’ve got booths with an attendant, having someone will ease the burden of keeping track of receipts for sales or other information and give you to spend more time networking with your colleagues and customers.

  1. You should take Your ADHD medication.

 When your meeting is in a different city for several days, check your doctor if he can give you a prescription for a shorter period than you can fill in case you have an emergency.

  1. You must realize that you cannot copy yourself.

 If there are several sessions going on simultaneously, you must collaborate with a coworker; divide up the timetable, and exchange notes about what you have learned. You can also take advantage of choices to buy recordings to go through them on your return flight don’t purchase them if you aren’t going to be reviewing them!

  1. Choose what you’d like to accomplish from the conference.

 It could be that you want to learn new techniques, connect with colleagues, create your own list of contacts, or meet with your clients. If you establish your goals prior to arriving you’ll have the proper place and ready to learn about, network or even advertise yourself. Be flexible, as chances to make new connections often arise from these events, and you’ll be able to get out of your comfort zone to find amazing new ideas at conferences.

  1. Checklist of business cards

 Make sure you have business cards! Actually, put them in your luggage today!

  1. Be willing to learn.

 It’s possible that you are the best in your area of expertise However; it doesn’t mean that you cannot learn something completely new. It’s possible to be pleasantly amazed at the places you pick it up. The nudges of life-changing brilliance are everywhere – even in a chat in the elevator.

  1. Chance to meet ideals

Particularly at conferences that are niche-specific, like those within conferences in the ADHD area, everybody is familiar with everyone. The standard six-degree separation has been decreased to around one or two. It’s a great opportunity to meet people whom you admire… but it is also it is a bad place to engage in gossip.

13. Take a Good Sleep.

Do as much as you can before leaving and throughout the celebration. It’s appealing to remain up late during the reception, but the excitement and joy of attending will be difficult to get off of. However, remember that it’s only the first day of. The conference is a marathon, and you’ll need to refuel and take good care of yourself so that you are with a positive attitude.

  1. Take healthy, easy-to-carry snacks. 

The stress of conferences can be overwhelming and having healthy snacks available like dried fruit and nuts are a great way in keeping you energetic and your ADHD brain sharp. Another tip is to carry some oatmeal packets and a spoon that is disposable. Breakfast is usually the most difficult to get a bite of at a conference. Hot water, easily accessible in all hotel rooms, as well as some dried fruit and nuts, is a fantastic option to start your day.

  1. Plan for the possibility of a relaxing day after you return home. 

Reentry into your routine could result in fatigue that can destroy any positive energy you felt at the conference. This helps in processing all that information in a more clear way.

If you’re at this year’s ACO Conference, “Be the Change Event” Stop by and say hello! I’d like to meet you!

If you have other suggestions for conferences, particularly suggestions on how to deal in the face of ADHD symptoms, please share your ideas below. It can be expensive to fly with Flyadeal or Egypt Air. Not with Flyin. You get a lot of savings if you book with us.