Using Car Stickers as Marketing Tools – The Ultimate Size and Fit Guide

Using Car Stickers as Marketing Tools – The Ultimate Size and Fit Guide

Car displays, decals, and stickers are very popular among car owners, mainly because they’re easy to use. Secondly, they transform dull, unattractive cars into visual treats. But, can you use custom-printed car stickers for advertising and promotional activities? Yes. Many companies have successfully used stickers to market their brands.

In 2012, Yelp famously used window and car stickers to generate brand awareness in local communities. Since then, Yelp has become one of the most famous brands in the world. Car sticker marketing works. But, the design, size, and shape of these stickers need to be customized to attract public attention.

Using Car Displays and Stickers as Marketing Tools – The Basics

The main aim of car sticker marketing programs is to generate brand visibility and awareness in local communities. So, making your custom stickers visible should be your first priority. Unlike billboards or banners, people won’t have enough time to stare at your car displays and stickers. The content on the stickers should be easily readable.

Make sure the placement of your stickers is also perfect. It should be at a height where pedestrians or fellow drivers can easily read them. Lastly, only buy durable vinyl stickers for your cars. They’re waterproof and UV-resistant, so they’ll last for longer periods. You can even detach these stickers and reuse them in future marketing campaigns.

Car Displays and Stickers – Vital Size Guidelines 

The size of your custom stickers will also impact their readability and general appeal. Take into consideration the intended use of each sticker before deciding its size. Here are popular car sticker sizes and the types of purposes they ideally fulfill –

Small Stickers

Small stickers that are under 1-4 inches in height are good for printing logos. Despite the small sizes, vinyl stickers can come with glossy or matte finishes. Since these stickers are small, it’s best to design them with extra bright colors so that they’re readily noticeable.

  • The small size of these stickers allows business owners to order them in bulk without spending too much.
  • Small vinyl stickers come in various shapes – animal shapes, geometric shapes, etc.
  • Placing small vinyl stickers on your car with seasonal decorations on special occasions is a good, affordable marketing technique.
Business Size Stickers

These stickers are slightly bigger. Their heights can range from anywhere between 5 to 10 inches. It’s a popular custom sticker size because these stickers look great on car doors, bonnets, and windows.

  • These stickers can feature logos and sales-related information.
  • These types of stickers are great for custom-printing artwork. Since they’re slightly bigger in size, the fine details of the artwork are clearly visible on these stickers.
  • Vinyl stickers are still cheap, even at these sizes, so bulk printing is a cost-effective option.
Big Stickers and Full Wraps

As the name suggests, these bigger stickers typically cover entire cars or at least one side of cars. They’re great long-term buys as vinyl stickers remain stuck on car surfaces for several years without picking up too much damage.

Pick the right sticker sizes for your cars using this guide. Some vinyl sticker sellers even offer custom sizes. Don’t refrain from seeking custom solutions if you’re not happy with the existing size options.

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