What Not to Do When Ordering Window Decals Online

What Not to Do When Ordering Window Decals Online

Window displays and decals offer businesses the chance to showcase their artistic talents. Plus, window graphics are low-cost items that work perfectly well as temporary advertising tools. On store windows, decals can help draw public attention.

Store owners can also share other business-related details on their decals to prompt curious shoppers to step inside. During the COVID19 pandemic, many companies used custom decals as signages to promote safe workplace rules.

However, buying custom decals is not easy. Many business owners make silly but understandable mistakes while shopping for custom window decals online. Thankfully, these “decal mistakes” are easy to avoid. Here’s the guide.

Don’t Assume Your Decals Will Stick on All Surfaces (Other Than Your Windows)

Many store owners wrongly assume the use cases of decals. They think they can install their decals on wooden surfaces, cars, electronic devices, etc. Although high-quality vinyl decals can stick anywhere, they’re primarily designed to be used on glass windows.

Don’t buy decals for your windows and use them on other surfaces. Window displays and decals have specific designs, sizes, and styles that are tailored only for windows. Don’t waste your decals by applying them on car bonnets, laptops, etc.

Not Using White Space While Designing the Decals

Modern-day sellers of window displays/decals offer countless customization options. Business owners can technically integrate multiple design elements into their decals. But, just because you can add extra design elements doesn’t mean your decals need them.

Some graphic designers will argue that white spaces are the most vital design elements for decals. A custom-printed decal with the right amount of white space will –

  • Add focus and balance to the decals.
  • Make surrounding design elements (offer details, brand logos, etc.) stand out.
  • Make sure the design or text elements on the decals don’t feel busy in the viewers’ eyes.
  • Make keywords on the decals stand out (e.g., brand name, store opening or closing times, etc.)

White space on decals increases their overall visual appeal. The better the visual appeal of your custom decals, the more impact they have on viewers.

Not Speaking with Human Professionals

Many online sellers of custom decals have automated order processing systems. Customers can upload their artwork, choose color/design options, and order their custom decals without any human assistance. This feature is helpful for short-term shoppers.

But, business owners who aim to order multiple custom decals won’t find these features helpful. When ordering large batches of custom decals, it’s always better to speak with the seller directly.

Learn about the graphic designers who will custom print your decals. If possible, communicate your ideas about the decals’ designs with these creators. Discuss all decal-related questions to these human operators before finalizing the orders.

Discussing future projects, guarantees on delivery time, etc., is also easier with human operators.

Not Opting for Durable Decal Materials

Lastly, and most importantly – decal shoppers must never “go cheap.” Vinyl decals are extremely cost-effective. Ordering low-quality paper decals that don’t offer similar longevity makes no sense.

Ready to order custom decals for your store’s windows? Avoid these pitfalls!