Who is an Anjum Fakih?

Who is an Anjum Fakih?
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Anjum Fakih is a Bollywood horror movie that showcases new talent in India, Iranian actress Anjum Tagh. The film is directed by Sharad Devarajan and produced by Sohail Tanjirya. The plot revolves around the relationship between a girl who was killed in a freak accident and her killer, a serial killer who was once in the service of the Indian Army.

Fakih played by Anjum Tagh is an innocent yet devious character as she was thrown out of a moving car on the road. She survived the crash but now she has amnesia and can only remember bits and pieces of what happened. She returns to her village, where her younger sister was attacked and killed. Anjum tries to get help from local villagers but they all think she is a liar and give up on her.

Soon after, Anjum meets Mano Raj (Shehnaz), a local girl with whom she quickly falls in love with. He tries to help her escape from a bad situation but she is captured and taken to a secret place where she meets a warrior who threatens to kill her unless she tells him everything. At first, she doesn’t want to cooperate with him but he convinces her. Eventually, she reveals to him about the serial killer she helped to escape and the tragic events that led to her death. Mano Raj then goes on to seduce the man who killed her sister and becomes his lover.

Anjum is played by Anushka Shetty who has given some great performances in Hollywood. She has managed to win several Film Farewell awards for her roles in some films including Kill Bill and Crazy Heart. She is best known for playing the sexy role of Halle Berry in the romantic comedy Bridget Jones Diary.

In the movie, we see Anjum Fakhri’s character being pushed into a world of extreme poverty. She is married off to an affluent farmer and is forced to work long hours and hard labor just to support her husband. She is so poor that when her old school friend visits her, she ends up buying a motorcycle. When she finally gets it home, she finds out that it cost one thousand dollars! This is a reference to the fact that motorcycles are considered “rare commodities” in Pakistan.

Another interesting aspect of the plot of the film is the fact that we never know what Anjum is going to do. We see her trying to run away from her evil captor and even fighting a vicious dog that is after her. However, the reason why the dog attacks her remains a mystery. We never find out who the owner of the dog is. In the end, Anjum manages to get away from the dog but not before her clothes get torn to shreds!

The movie offers a number of different emotions ranging from anger to happiness, hate, and surprise. All in all, it is a great film that showcases the talents of two very talented actresses. One thing I liked about the film is that it did not have a lot of violence. The only real fight scene in the film occurs when Anjum fakes an attack on her kidnapper. The dog tries to attack her again but she manages to shoot it with a gun found at the prison. There were no bodies seen in the background of the action, unlike other films that feature bloodied bodies.

The plot of the film is typical of the stories of many Pakistani women. It is a dreamy tale told through a story that follows a young girl’s struggle to gain independence. The film ends happily as Anjum runs away from her captor. This is the type of movie that every woman should see.